PREDICTIONS: Heat 1 Melodifestivalen 2020 starring Felix Sandman, The Mamas and Robin Bengtsson

WHEN?: 7pm (UK time) 1/2/20

WHERE?: Linköping Saab Arena

Only a fool would predict the outcome of Saturday’s #GreatestShowOnEarth Melodifestivalen Heat 1 on the basis of the snippets available (see below) – but we’re going to have a go.

  • Read on for reasons including our predictions for next month’s final and Andra Chansen

This year’s winner will be Sweden’s 60th entry and if they triumph in Eurovision the country will tie with Ireland as the contest’s most successful nation.

We’ve already previewed the four MF returners in this heat and to read more about them go here. Below is where you’ll find the snippets of this year’s entries and our thoughts with predictions about who will finish where on Saturday.

  1. The Mamas Move (Melanie Wehbe, Patrik Jean, Herman Gardarfve) PREDICTION: Andra Chansen

Our favourite song of this semi is uptempo and uplifting gospel sung by the all-female band who backed John Lundvik all the way to the fifth spot in last year’s Eurovision. It faces tough competition but we’d love for it to make the finalen.

2. Suzi P Moves (Joy Deb, Suzi Pancekov, Aniela Eklund, Malou Ruotsalainen, Chanel Tukia, Kenny Silverdique) PREDICTION: 5th

Suzi P mixes Swedish with English and a more modern, almost Eastern sound that is a little harder than we were expecting and should give young female soloist Prytz on 4th a run for her money.

3. Robin Bengtsson Take A Chance (Jimmy Jansson, Karl-Frederik Reichhardt, Marcus Winther-John) PREDICTION: Finalen

Bengtsson won MF three years ago (finishing fifth in Eurovision) and we weren’t big fans of that song or its predecessor but this is much more like it. It has the pop sensibilities of George Ezra at his best and so we’re pleasantly surprised. There’s even what sounds like a shout out to ‘Leicester Square’ of all places.

4. Malou Prytz Ballerina (Thomas G:son, Peter Boström, Jimmy Jansson) PREDICTION: Andra Chansen

Prytz was a surprise finalist for us last year and we’re preferring the more melodic, almost clockwork-like beat of this entry from three familiar MF writers. She’s like a young Sia.


5. OVÖ Inga Problem (No problem) (Nicholas Frandsen, Lukas Nathanson, Jean-Willy Akofely, Nickie Osenius Kouakou) PREDICTION: 7th

Difficult to predict which way this will go. It’s not a style of which we’re particularly fond but it’s modern and danceable.

6. Sonja Aldén Sluta aldrig gå (Never stop going) (Bobby Ljunggren, David Lindgren Zacharias, Sonja Aldén) PREDICTION: 6th

We’ve always felt Aldén was massively unappreciated in MF and this is a real reminder of some of her best, most anthemic and melodic work. If all was fair, she’d be sailing into the finalen in a sea of billowing flags but we suspect it won’t be.

7. Felix Sandman Boys With Emotions (Tony Ferrari, Parker James, Peter Thomas, Philip Bentley, Nicki Adamsson, Felix Sandman) PREDICTION: Finalen

The big favourite to win the whole thing sounds a little undercooked from the clip but we’re taking this slice of Bierber-esque pop as seriously as Sandman’s new hairdo (pictured above). Still the frontrunner.


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