GIG REVIEW: Little Mix at The 02



WHEN? 1/11, tour runs to 22/11/19

SETLIST: Salute; Power; Woman Like Me; Wasabi; Bounce Back; Only You; Black Magic; Strip; Told You So; Secret Love Song Pt II; The Cure; Joan Of Arc; Wings; Shout Out To My Ex; Woman’s World; Reggaeton; No More Sad Songs; Think About Us; Heartbeat; More Than Words; Touch

There’s a beautiful moment during this arena gig with an audience heavy on parents and young children where Little Mix celebrate their LGBT fans and have some words of hope and encouragement for those with mental health worries.

* Read on for reasons including how you can see Little Mix back at The 02 in November

They do this while slowly flying over the heads of the crowd on a platform which breaks out into rainbow colours during Secret Love Song (see picture below) which boasts the moving lyric: ‘Why can’t I hold you in the street? Why can’t I kiss you on the dance floor? I wish that it could be like that.’

We reviewed Little Mix at this very venue three years ago and observed: ‘Whereas Zayn is revelling in the new found freedom to sing about ‘f*cking and fighting’ on his chart topping debut single, Little Mix always duck out of the money shot at the last minute. A trick that means they can court a young audience for now but it is a feat they probably can’t get away with much longer if they want their audience to grow up with them.’

Three years on and Zayn’s star has faded yet we almost feel like clasping our hands to the ears of the youngsters around us as the occasional expletive on the numerous intro films between different show sections is uttered.

Little Mix’s brand of female empowerment and embracing of activism for change sees them continuing to attract a very young audience and they’re saying the sorts of things (particularly on gay and mental health issues) which make them exactly the sort of girl band we wish we had while growing up.


Little Mix have been releasing albums for the last seven years and it’s a longevity that puts closest comparison Girls Aloud in the shade because they’d all but split up after a similar period as the nation’s favourite girl band.

Little Mix have made an attempt to update their sound and their varying of their musical palate is particularly well done on recent single Reggaeton Lento.

Our favourite songs tonight however remain the classics including early number one Wings, we wish they’d made more of chart topper Black Magic but the similarly appreciated Shout Out To My Ex is given a fierce rendition.

Little Mix have released five albums in seven years and, while it might be high time for a greatest hits collection, it’s an easy move they seemed determined to resist. 

  • Picture via Facebook courtesy Little Mix Tickets
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