SONG OF THE MONTH: Northern Lights by Soft Cell


OUT: now

‘What do you think I do all night, Sit here catching up on soaps?’ is our favourite line from the 1st new Soft Cell song in 15 years.

  • Read on for reasons including how you can catch Soft Cell’s final show at The 02 30 September

Last year Marc Almond made our Gig Of The Year shortlist for a Camden Roundhouse gig that featured many Soft Cell classics.

New Best Of Keychains and Snowstorms is out 28/9 and includes this (listen below) and other new track Guilty (Cos I Say You Are).

Northern Lights is a fun slice of Northern Soul which boasts melodramatic lyrics (the line in our opening paragraph being our favourite) and mythologises north England nightlife.

We’ve read that Guilty is darker and, as such, the new tracks probably cover the musical bases that the band are best loved for.

We won’t be at the gig but A Humdrum Mum is hoping to review it for us and instead we’ll be reporting live from a cinema screening nearby.

As we write, tickets for the gig are still available (link to buy below) and the cinema screenings around the country have just gone on sale. Details

  • Picture via Facebook courtesy Soft Cell. Tickets
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