SINGLE OF THE MONTH: What Kind Of World by Tom Bailey

OUT: now

TOURING: from now until 25/11/18

We were there for 2 gigs in summer 2014 when Thompson Twins’ Tom Bailey returned to the live arena to play the songs that had made his band’s name in the 80s.

  • Read on for reasons including how Tom’s new album Science Fiction is shaping up

There’s only so long that one can continue trading on former glories and we’re delighted both at the arrival of the new single (see below) but also how good it is.

There were always two incarnations of the Thompson Twins – first the eclectic band which drew on different cultures for their rather ramshackle take on pop and second the streamlined hit factory that for a time churned out meticulously crafted gems apparently with ease.

What Kind Of World boasts a Spanish hook that wouldn’t be out of the place in the former and a more conventional chorus that sits well with the international chart toppers of the latter.

Thompson Twins’ Tom Bailey tours the UK and US with a-Ha and Culture Club from now until November. Details. We join him at Wembley Arena towards the end of the tour.

New album Science Fiction is out on Friday and we’ve heard another two of the remaining tracks – Feels Like Love To Me and Come So Far.

Both are at the slower, more thoughtful end of the Twins’ cannon yet still evoke the joy of the old hits and rub shoulders comfortably with them.

  • Picture via Facebook courtesy Thompson Twins’ Tom Bailey . Tickets
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