THEATRE REVIEW: 3Women starring Anita Dobson, Debbie Chazen & Maisie Richardson-Sellers


WHERE: Trafalgar Studios 2

WHEN: 17/5 (matinee), press night 17/5, runs to 9/6/18

A grandmother, a mother and her daughter meet in a hotel suite the night before one of them is to be married for an evening of alcohol and home truths.

  • Read on for reasons including why 3Women is the sort of comedy we’d love to see more of

Katy Brand’s new 90-minute comedy without interval is one of the funniest pieces of new writing we’ve had the pleasure to sit through at any theatre this year.

Trafalgar Studios 2 is one of our favourite intimate venues in the capital and we’re in the front row as we can see a tear well in the eye of actress Anita Dobson, who plays the grandmother in this piece.

Her character Eleanor is frustrated by the limited career opportunities afforded someone of her talents and resentful of her daughter Suzanne (Debbie Chazen, pivotal in a very strong cast) who is unhappy about her mother’s drinking and about to settle for an unremarkable marriage.

Throw into the mix Suzanne’s daughter Laurie (the new and exciting Maisie Richardson-Sellers) who is gender fluid and so adept at social media that she’s not yet met the person she’s dating.

Now is very much the time for a piece with three strong women leads and comedian Brand’s new play provokes plenty of laughs.

The only thing that didn’t seem quite right is whether the set-up (an alcohol-fuelled all-nighter) would ever actual be planned for the evening before a wedding.

No matter, up-and-coming Oliver Greenall rounds out the cast in the unnamed role of the waiter who serves as temptation for Laurie and plays a part lacking in definition that might previously have been the preserve of the opposite sex.

Screen Shot 2018-05-27 at 11.43.19

So 3Women didn’t quite ring true but is of its time and definitely the sort of comedy that we would love to see much more of.

  • Picture via Facebook courtesy 3Women the play. Tickets
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