THEATRE REVIEW: Mirrors starring Siobhan McMillan


WHERE: Lounge at Leicester Square Theatre

WHEN: (Press ticket) 29/3 runs to 14/4/18

There can be no better time to launch an hour-long monologue written and performed by a woman and encompassing such weighty themes as relationships and mental health.

  • Read on for reflections including how McMillan’s performance is her greatest strength

Siobhan McMillan is a charismatic performer and here introduces us to a number of characters including vlogger ShyGirl, who’s excited about her relationship with Mikey, and the more empowered Shivvers, a distant relative of Snow White’s stepmother who is in possession of a magic mirror.

We’ve given five plays 5* in the first three months of this year and two have been by writer/performers, Monica Dolan’s The B*easts and Arinzé Kene’s Misty, both at the Bush Theatre, but we’re afraid that is where the similarity with Mirrors ends.

You’ll not find any other 1* reviews on this site so far because generally we choose not to write them unless we have a press ticket for the show, as we did in this case, and therefore feel an obligation to explain.

We didn’t feel McMillan had much especially interesting or enlightening to share about her promising subject matter. It’s not the performance that we have a problem with rather that the writing had little about it to merit the exposure that the monologue style subjects it to.

Not one for us then but the audience was full and appreciative, so perhaps it will perform just fine for its own crowd.

  • Picture by Thomas Aston via Facebook courtesy Leicester Square Theatre. Tickets
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