TV PREVIEW: Melodifestivalen 2018: Heat 4

Screen Shot 2018-02-24 at 07.13.01WHEN?: 7pm (UK time) 24/2/18 on SVT (link at the bottom of the page below)

WHERE: Örnsköldsvik

Has this year’s been the worst Melodifestivalen ever?

  • Read on for reasons including our Saturday night predictions for each of the songs

We certainly don’t think so. But we’re also unclear whether on the strength of the 1-minute clips available so far that Mariette is going to win. We do think, however, that she’ll be going straight to the final.

1.   Emmi Christensson Icarus PREDICTION: 5th

A Thomas G:son co-write which sounds like it could have featured in any Eurovision over the last two decades.

2. Elias Abbas Mitt Paradis PREDICTION: 6th

More of the Latino sound that bagged both Andra Chansen slots from last week’s Heat 3 but not quite so memorable as either of those two.

3. Felicia Olsson Break That Chain PREDICTION: 7th

Pleasant middle-of-the-road plodder.

4. Rolandz Fuldans (pictured above) PREDICTION: final

We didn’t much enjoy the dancing cutlery from Heat One but this schlager is more in keeping with why we love Melodifestivalen and we reckon this year’s under-fire selection is probably crying out for a little good humour.

5. Olivia Eliasson Never Learn PREDICTION: andra chansen

Co-writer Anton Ewald has MF history and this is uptempo 80s-inspired fun.

6. Felix Sandman Every Single Day PREDICTION: andra chansen

Great lyric and a song we can’t wait to hear much more of from a third of last year’s finalists FO&O.

7. Mariette For You PREDICTION: final

A 1-minute lacking in dynamism which does enough to convince that Mariette will be straight to the final but not enough to persuade she will be victorious there.

  • Pictures via Facebook courtesy SVT Melodifestivalen. Clips via YouTube courtesy SVT. Melodifestivalen tickets
  • The 2m 30s clips of these songs are available here from 1pm UK time Saturday. We’ll be refreshing our predictions ahead of the 7pm heat here.
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