GIG REVIEW: Áine Cahill at the Union Chapel


WHERE: Union Chapel, supporting Billy Lockett

WHEN: 15/2/18

SETLIST: Shoot Me Down; Blood Diamonds; Plastic; Pretty Boy; Paper Crown; Psycho; Bad and Beautiful; Black Dahlia

‘Does anyone here know a Pretty Boy?’ Our new favourite singer is about to launch into her best song in the atmospheric surroundings of Islington’s Union Chapel.

  • Read on for reasons including how Devon brothers Tors were a fine support here

‘Well take a video of this, show it to him and tell him to piss off.’

We’re paraphrasing but perhaps this between-song banter gives an insight into the mindset of a singer we fell in love with during two sets at last summer’s Glastonbury.

The first thing you notice about her is that she’s an effortless voice that leaps and swoops, breaking the heart before sending spirits soaring.

The second is that she’s a way with a lyric. ‘You’re just a Pretty Boy, a silly little Pretty Boy, Always looking at yourself in the mirror, It’s the only way that you get any joy.’

Elsewhere Jameson whisky gets a namecheck as Cahill confesses to her own drink-fuelled, erratic antics during the appropriately titled Psycho.

In recent single Blood Diamonds she’s calling out the uncaring and selfish: ‘I’m the biggest bitch in the world and I wear Blood Diamonds. Don’t really care about anybody else. Don’t care where they come from, ‘cos they’re pretty on my neck.’

So she’s the voice of an Irish Adele and she’s writing songs brimming full of character. We’d love to see Pretty Boy released as a single, not least because it was scheduled for last October before being usurped by Blood Diamonds.

Here she’s the first of two supports for the main act. We enjoyed first support, Devon brothers Tors, especially touching tribute song Invincible.

Our hunch is that she’s just one song away from making it big. And perhaps that’s just grand. For now.

  • Picture via Facebook courtesy Áine Cahill. Tickets
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