REVIEW: Melodifestivalen Heat 3 afterparty

Välkomna to our review of Melodifestivalen heat 3 and our own exclusive Mello afterparty curated especially for you, dear reader.

What did you think of tonight’s third show?

  • Read on for our thoughts on tonight’s Växjö show, the results and a preview of next week’s heat

SPOILER ALERT: Congratulations to Robin Bengtsson and Owe Thörnqvist who made the final. Anton Hagman and FO&O go andra chansen.

To the Skellefteå Kraft Arena in, erm,  Skellefteå (obvs) next week for heat 4 and the return of 2012 Eurovision winner Loreen (pictured above, fleetingly, in the 2016 final). Euphoria is our fourth favourite Melodifestivalen winner of all time.

We can still remember where we were (clue: The Harcourt Arms) when we first saw Loreen’s endearing mix of Kate Bush-style interpretive dancing, onstage piggybacking, trademark sideways shuffle (see above) and snowstorm to a Rihanna-esque banger. It worked a treat then (see below):

Of course she’s been in MF before minus Claudia Winkleman fringe, in the dreaded number 2 slot sporting an Uma ‘Pulp Fiction‘ Thurman wig no less. Short on snowstorms and piggybacking however and we’re struggling to spot that sideways shuffle:

To say we’re concerned by the lacklustre title of this year’s Melodifestivalen closer Statements (bank statements?) would be an, erm, understatement (do you see what we did there?).

We’re guessing Anton Le Kid (see below) isn’t responsible for the title but he does have a co-write credit on the song. He has MF history. And not for sweary f-words! We’re excited much:

But can any of these songs beat the best of those chosen already for this year’s Eurovision? This is already charting on Swedish iTunes:

  • Screen grab via YouTube courtesy Eurovision. We’ll be passing judgement on the 1m audio clips from heat 4 around 1.30pm Thursday UK time (SVT willing). Check us out on
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