THEATRE REVIEW: Run The Beast Down starring Ben Aldridge


WHERE: Finborough Theatre

WHEN: 5/2, runs to 25/2

Fans of Ben Aldridge (in TV’s Our Girl and Fleabag) would do well to check him out in this 90-minute solo show at an intimate 50-seat venue.

  • Read on for reasons including how the £4 programme includes the script

This was our first visit to this venue above a pub with an enthusiasm for putting on new writing and we were hugely impressed.

As we entered the theatre space, on stage sound designer and DJ Chris Bartholomew was performing a pre-show set of the sort of instrumental electronic music we would hear later in the show.

Run The Beast Down is the first play by Titas Halder and is the story of Charlie (Aldridge) who loses his job, his girlfriend and, as his world collapses around him, believes he can talk to foxes.

The benefit of having a programme containing a script is that after the show, when you’re not quite sure what happened at some points, you can refresh your memory.

Run The Beast Down was certainly a play worthy of reflection afterwards. Aldridge gives a very physical performance, rolling about the stage he is writing the chapter titles on.

Not only did we marvel at a not-inconsiderable feat of memory but also that he was able to hold our attention for so long with what is essentially a monologue. Albeit one with a live soundtrack which certainly added to the atmosphere of intensifying chaos.

  • Picture courtesy Finborough Theatre via Facebook. Tickets
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