ALBUM REVIEW: Joanne by Lady Gaga


OUT: 21/10

TRACKLIST: Diamond Heart; A-Yo; Joanne; John Wayne; Dancin’ In Circles; Perfect Illusion; Million Reasons; Sinner’s Prayer; Come To Mama; Hey Girl; Angel Down; Grigio Girls; Just Another Day; Angel Down (work tape)

The campaign to encourage Lady Gaga to headline next year’s Glastonbury starts right here.

  • Read on for the 14 reasons why Lady Gaga would be the perfect act to follow in Adele’s footsteps

Listening to this 14-track album, opening single Perfect Illusion (video below) is a red herring but the video is the real pointer to what this collection is all about.

The emphasis in the video is on live performance and the outlandish outfits with which our favourite superstar dressed her worldwide success is replaced with a natural look ensuring the emphasis is on the music.

And while Perfect Illusion may have seemed to her record company to be the obvious hit here, it sticks out like a sore thumb because it draws so heavily on the sound with which she made her name. Yet the rest of the album is a much more authentic attempt to write something heartfelt with Prince (the gorgeous Hey Girl duet with Florence Welch) and Bowie (the Bolanesque strut of Come To Mama) standout influences.

Country ballad Million Reasons sits with 2013 anthem Gypsy as the two best songs our favourite superstar has written.

Amazingly for an act following an album as hugely ambitious and overblown as 2013’s Artpop, there’s nothing lasting longer than 4m 15s here.

Mark Ronson once again proves himself to be a chameleon-like producer and although the pop rush of Perfect Illusion wasn’t the big hit we thought it deserved to be, there’s so much of interest here to continue the journey to authenticity Gaga began with her 2014 Cheek To Cheek duets album and tour with legend Tony Bennett.

Glastonbury’s standout performances of the last two years have been by women, Florence Welch and Adele, that we’d love for Lady Gaga to complete that trio.

  • Picture via Facebook courtesy Lady Gaga. Gaga tour details here
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