ALBUM REVIEW: Familia by Sophie Ellis-Bextor


OUT: 2/9

TRACKLIST: Wild Forever; Death of Love; Crystallise; Hush Little Voices; Here Comes The Rapture; Come With Us; Cassandra; My Puppet Heart; Unrequited; The Saddest Happiness; Don’t Shy Away

The single which launched this album, Come With Us, is, in our opinion, Ms Ellis-Bextor’s best since 2002’s Music Gets the Best Of Me.

  • Read on for all the gossip about Sophie’s February tour

Come With Us is very much a return to the dance floor where much of Sophie’s best loved work has taken place. However, it’s not much representative of this her sixth album which is very much the follow-up to 2014’s Wanderlust.

Both were co-written with indie singer/songwriter Ed Harcourt and display a much more acoustic and downbeat tilt at pop.


In many ways her career has come full circle as she returns to a sound not too dissimilar to band Theaudience which she fronted in the 90s before taking Groovejet to number one in a head-to-head with a post Spice Girls Victoria Beckham.

Particularly affecting are the beautiful lament Unrequited and the end-of-summer melancholic feel to the album’s close.

In fact it was fronting Theaudience that we first saw Ellis-Bextor live at Portsmouth’s Wedgwood Rooms and out of the capital we’ve also seen her support the Pet Shop Boys at the Brighton Centre.

So Familia is pleasant stuff without the killer pop hooks for which she is perhaps best known. Two years ago we caught the album launch of Wanderlust at Bush Hall, a trick she repeated recently for this album. She’s also still surprising the audience by encoring from behind them at the gig’s finish.

Live, she’s also still playing the hits as an encore while the bulk of the set concentrates on her new direction. It would also appear from the tweet above that a lengthier jaunt out of the capital is also on the cards. Bring. It. On.

  • Picture via Facebook courtesy Sophie Ellis-Bextor. Tour details here.
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