ALBUM/THEATRE REVIEW: Funny Girl (Savoy Theatre cast recording)

WORTH A LOOK?: *****

OUT: 5/8

Musical soundtracks can be a risk when the show is removed from the showbusiness equation and the listener is left with the business audio end.

  • Read on for details of our first look at Sheridan Smith in the Savoy version of this show

Funny Girl opened on Broadway in 1964 and we’ve been very much enjoying the Barbra Streisand version of the soundtrack without ever seeing the stage show.

This Sheridan Smith-starrer which began life at the Menier Chocolate Factory last autumn succeeds in reflecting accurately the many comic numbers which are unexpected stand-outs in the more recent restaging of the show.

In fact the Menier version won two of our own monstas for best musical and best theatre actress in 2015.

Who can forget Smith’s comic seduction scene with Darius Campbell on a chaise longue to You Are Woman or the interaction with the audience during Rat-a-Tat-Tat?

We saw the Menier production of this show three times (once with understudy Natasha Barnes) and caught it for the first time after its spring transfer to the Savoy 6/8. The Savoy is much larger than the Menier and the show does not suffer from being opened up with the use of mirrors particularly impressive.

What lingers longest in the memory after the show is just how funny Smith is. She might not quite have the richness of voice of Barbra Streisand but she sparks many more laughs from the material.

  • Picture via Facebook courtesy Funny Girl. Tickets here.
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