ALBUM REVIEW: Lexicon Of Love II by ABC


OUT: 27/5

TRACKLIST: The Flames Of Desire; Viva Love; Ten Below Zero; Confessions Of A Fool; Singer Not The Song; The Ship Of The Seasick Sailor; Kiss Me Goodbye; I Believe In Love; The Love Inside The Love; Brighter Than The Sun; Viva Love reprise.

ABC’s orchestral pop was inescapable in 1982 and debut album The Lexicon Of Love‘s peerless run of hits (Tears Are Not Enough, Poison Arrow, The Look Of Love, All Of My Heart) proved impossible to repeat.

  • Read on for why Lexicon Of Love 2 is almost everything die-hard fans would want it to be

Emulating their biggest hits however appeared to be something not to especially bother lead singer Martin Fry and numerous band members as they went on to do their own thing on seven follow-up albums – until now perhaps.

And why should they be irked? Their subsequent career saw them hit heights including US success with the way-before-its-time pop/electro of third album How To Be A Zillionaire and Motown genius of single When Smokey Sings.

We’ve been listening to a lot of early Prince lately and wondering what it was that got us into him and we think it was 1999 and, specifically, hearing it as a jingle on the Radio 1 show of DJ ‘wooh’ Gary Davies. Similar treatment was afforded to ABC’s iconic The Look Of Love and the biggest compliment we can pay Lexicon Of Love 2 is it transports us right back to 1982.

Fry’s gorgeous wordplay has never been more finely honed: ‘Am I a fool to reminisce in sonnets and soliloquies when all I’ve got’s forget-me-nots and everlasting memories?’. And there’s even a reprise of the majestic  Poison Arrow rap (‘I thought you loved me but it seems you don’t care …’) on Kiss Me Goodbye. The closing repeat of Viva Love‘s orchestral refrain harks back to Radio 1 and proves this album is almost everything die hard fans would want it to be.

Had it been released immediately after it The Lexicon Of Love, the world would quite likely have surrendered into the arms of Fry and his alphabetic chums.

  • Picture via Facebook courtesy Lexicon of ABC Martin Fry. ABC are going on tour. Ticket details here.
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