PREVIEW: Melodifestivalen heat 3

WHEN?: 7pm Saturday 20 February on SVT (link at the bottom of the page)

Last week we correctly predicted the top 5 in heat 2 but had Wiktoria (a finalist) in 5th and Isa in the final rather than Andra Chansen.

  • Read on for our predictions for this week’s seven entries

  1. SaRaHa PREDICTION: Andra Chansen

MF has been slightly complicated this year by the heat 4 clips being aired before heat 3. Check out our archive for those. Panetoz is the 1 to watch out for in heat 4 and, although SaRaHa is a welcome injection of upbeat fun early, our hopes aren’t high for it in this heat. Sounds like an electro version of something from The Lion King soundtrack. This was the unexpected winner of the dress rehearsal poll last night though, so we’re improving our prediction for it.

2. Swingfly feat Helena Guttara PREDICTION: Final

Me And My Drum deserved better than 5th in 2011 and this is sailing all the way to the final. Co-written by Andreas Kleerup, this didn’t fare well in the audience poll we mentioned above but we’re big fans of it. Fabulous uptempo start to this heat with two different types of bangers to open.

3. Smilo PREDICTION: Bottom 2

Shall we watch DJs behind turntables in our favourite show of glamour, kitsch and excess? Do we have to? Much slower initially than we were expecting. Clubby, catchy and mid-paced. More lighters-in-the-air than hands-to-the-sky.

4. After Dark PREDICTION: We’re wanting it to win the whole thing but we’re predicting the dreaded 5th

‘Madonna … Lady GaGalicious …Beyonce …Cher’ we wanted this to be amazing. Not sure from the 1st 30 second clip. But ‘ver Dark can always be relied upon to put the show into show business. And the lengthier clip? Early electro breakdown? Check. Gorgeous build to the anthemic chorus which namechecks themselves alongside all those gay divas. Can we hear clicking cameras? We’re loving it! Bottom of the dreaded dress audience vote last night though. And that has been proving unerringly accurate.

5. Lisa Ajax PREDICTION: Andra Chansen

The writers of last year’s winner Heroes have a terrific amount of material in this year’s MF. Not one of the best. Plodding and unremarkable in its longer form. Enjoying the chanty ‘Every day, every day, every day’ bit.

6. Boris Rene PREDICTION: Bottom 2

Nothing at all arch or subtle here. Straight-down-the-line pop could pull a surprise. More uptempo and bombastic in its fuller form than we were expecting from the 30 second clippette but instantly forgettable.

7. Oscar Zia PREDICTION: Final

Just come out as gay you say? A co-write. A heartfelt ballad. The dark horse to win the whole thing if Sweden gets behind him. Can we see it winning MF? Yes We Can. And who wouldn’t want to get behind Oscar? Lovely in its fuller form. Go Oscar!

  • Picture via Facebook courtesy After Dark.
  • The 2m 30s clips of these songs are available here from 1pm UK time Saturday. We’ll be refreshing our predictions ahead of the 7pm heat and join us for our 8.30pm (UK time) afterparty. We’re refusing to believe the full After Dark entry won’t be a worthy Eurovision winner.
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