ALBUM REVIEW: This Is Acting by Sia


OUT: 29/1

40-year-old singer/songwriter Sia Furler has found great success writing for other people and this is a 12-song album of original songs intended for others.

Part of the fun then is in guessing who turned down what and what was intended for whom. Lead single Alive, co-written by Adele, is very similar to Skyfall and perhaps its easy to see why the world’s favourite pop star chose to go in a more middle-of-the-road direction with her 25 album.

Rihanna’s Anti album finally came out this week and it’s clear that this album’s Cheap Thrills is too old-school RiRi and would probably suit Icona Pop better. Bird Set Free is typical piano-based Adele heartbreak and was indeed recorded by her before not making 25 and was then rejected by Rihanna.

Elsewhere Unstoppable is understated melodrama bursting into squelching horns with a ‘I’m a Porsche with no brakes’ swagger that would sit nicely in either Demi Lovato or Katy Perry’s repertoire. Move Your Body could be Shakira and Footprints Beyonce. Enjoying the names we’re dropping?

Then you’ll probably appreciate this fine and melodious album by one of pop’s most successful writers.

  • Picture via Facebook courtesy Sia. Enjoyed this review? Follow its author on Twitter @NeilDurham

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