ALBUM REVIEW: Night Thoughts by Suede


OUT: 22/1

TRACKLIST: When You Are Young; Outsiders; No Tomorrow; Pale Snow; I Don’t Know How To Reach You; What I’m Trying To Tell You; Tightrope; Learning To Be; Like Kids; I Can’t Give Her What She Wants; When You Were Young; The Fur & The Feathers.

Suede premiered their new album and film in November with concerts at Camden Roundhouse which won our monsta for 2015’s best gig.

We described the twin-set approach of debuting the film while playing the soundtrack followed by a hits and treats set as ‘raising the bar of expectation for every gig-goer’.

Two months later and after the recent death of inspiration David Bowie the darkness of the new material and the mortality imagery it evokes seem even more vital.

Night Thoughts is as different to comeback album Bloodsports as debut Suede was to follow-up Dog Man Star. When we first heard the new album, we thought former guitarist Bernard Butler must be involved because of the defiant air of experimentation. If Bloodsports was an attempt to remind their audience of what was so great about the band, Night Thoughts is the sound of them doing just what they feel like.

The genius of the film is that it reminds viewers that this is a piece of work designed to be consumed as intended in one sitting. There are stand-out moments: Outsiders, Like Kids and No Tomorrow are obvious single highlights. Yet they are linked by songs, including Pale Snow, which are not afraid to be quirkier, not go where you might expect and do their own thing.

It’s hard to think of any other band which could return after such a lengthy lay-off (the gap between albums A New Morning and Bloodsports was 11 years) with new material that proved quite so necessary and thrilling.

  • Picture via Facebook courtesy Suede
  • Suede play London’s O2 Forum on 12/2. Tickets here.
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