LIVE REVIEW: Josh Widdicombe


WHERE: Blackheath Halls

WHEN: 19/12, tour runs until 21/2/16

‘Is anyone here from Blackheath?’ asks Devon comedian Josh Widdicombe. If there is, no-one’s owning up to it.

It’s a curiously awkward start to a gig. The next question: ‘Is there anyone here from London?’ is met with a loud cheer. ‘Why didn’t we just hold the gig anywhere else in London?’, he continues.

As a Blackheath resident who’s chosen to remain quiet, I’m left wondering whether I’m here for Josh’s amusement or he’s here for mine.

Later, he criticises Exeter newspaper the Express and Echo for reporting Twitter outrage that Josh’s skit about the city’s Athena store is actually out of date because it closed in 2014. There doesn’t seem to be a great deal he’s positive about.

We thought we’d already heard much of Josh’s set at this summer’s Glastonbury by this point.

We love Josh’s BBC3 sitcom Josh, although we can’t help but think he’s a little bit old to be a flatsharer, and the material here is pleasant observational fare about the isolation of his Devon childhood, his love of PIN-less swipe cards and loathing of flying.

But we saw his Last Leg colleague Adam Hills at this same venue in 2013 and his theme about the benefit of immigration to this country seemed to be perhaps more important than Josh’s musings on subjects including the sexism of 90s child Filofaxes here.

  • Picture via Facebook courtesy Josh Widdicombe. Tour tickets here.
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