LIVE REVIEW: Public Service Broadcasting

By Carron Stacey


WHERE: Southampton Guildhall

WHEN: 27/11

Four times, I’ve seen them: four times. From a tiny pub-sized room in Southampton a few years ago, Victorious last year, through to two normal gigs both this year.

The last two were both promoting their second album, The Race for Space spawning the dancey single Go in February and Sputnik last month.

When I first saw them, it was a gift for my beloved, not really the kind of gig I’d want to go to. In fact, I sat on a high bar stool with a great view from the back of venue, so small was it.

The Speak and Spell communication with the audience was a new gimmick then, and their ‘Thank you’ followed by a pause, then ‘Southampton’ (enter name of the present location) was too.

As was: ‘Yes we’ve all had a few’. The bow ties and corduroy added to the joy of geekiness. (My heaven would be Matt Smith Dr Who, the ‘Batch Sherlock with a nod to J. Willgoose, Esq).

However Wrigglesworth is my favourite. I always make sure I have a good view of the drums. It’s fascinating to hear electronica music with real drums!

Like Kylie said: ‘I like drummers babe, you’re not my bag.’ I could watch drumming all day. I digress.

Musically the gig was as fantastic as ever. It appears to me that a PSB gig is like settling down into a comfy leather sofa, albeit one with a footstool upon which to tap one’s feet. You know what you’re going to get, a loud wall of sound.

Spitfire and Go were the highlights for me, I wish they’d do more disco like Go! This time we went with two PSB virgins. For one of them, the geekiness was too much. It felt contrived to him, not really real and that made me sad to be honest.

I’m not sure if I felt sorry for my friend in his inability to go with it, or for PSB that they’ve become a gimmick. The real treat was the horn section – PSB certainly bigged them up this time. They had their own dance routine and everything! Long live electronica with real drums and horns! Go! check them out. (See what I did there?)

  • PSB are on a European tour returning to the UK in February. Ticket details here. Picture via Facebook courtesy PSB.
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