PREVIEW: 4 reasons why we want 4th Impact in the X Factor final

  1. Cheryl Cole final duet

Vote 4th Impact into the X Factor final 12/12 and there’s a duet with their mentor on a Fight For This Love/Crazy Stupid Love mash-up (see below) in the offing.

  • Read on for our final three reasons why 4th Impact should make the X Factor final


2. We’ll be there

Saturday is Juke Box night on X Factor and we’ve an idea what 4th Impact’s version of the Jackson 5’s I’ll Be There might sound like (see below).


3. Fancy

4th Impact’s 2nd song in the 28/11 quarter final is a mash-up featuring our favourite Iggy Azalea/Charli XCX duet (see below).

4. Rich Girls

We would love to have heard Hollaback Girl (the Stefani song that was part of the audience Juke Box vote that backed I’ll Be There) but we’re excited that this Stefani song makes the Fancy mash-up.

  • Tickets for The X Factor TV shows are free. Details here. The last seven acts plus the divine Seann Miley Moore will all take part in The X Factor tour early in 2016, details here.
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  • Picture via Facebook courtesy 4th Impact

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