THEATRE REVIEW: As You Like It starring Rosalie Craig, Joe Bannister, Mark Benton & Patsy Ferran


WHERE: National Theatre

WHEN: 11/11 (matinee), runs to 5/3/16

The unforgettable stage transformation from 21st century office to Forest of Arden is our abiding memory from this playful production by Polly Findlay.

Almost as memorable and requiring little of the technical expertise is when many of the 30-strong cast don pullovers and impersonate a flock of sheep. There’s also a wrestling scene early on that we weren’t expecting.

The ensemble cast is particularly strong in this tale of Rosalind (a feisty Rosalie Craig) and friend Celia (Patsy Ferran, nominated as the Standard’s emerging talent of the year for the National’s Treasure Island) who flee to the Forest of Arden where Rosalind dresses as a man and falls further in love with Orlando (the impressive Joe Bannister).

Marc Benton’s fool Touchstone and Audrey (Siobhan McSweeney) are especially hilarious as we get to know the many inhabitants of the forest.

Definitely worth seeing for its eye-catching design and strong cast.

  • Tickets here. Picture via Facebook courtesy National Theatre copyright Johan Persson.
  • This production will be broadcast live to cinemas as part of NT Live on 25/2/16 at 7pm.
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