LIVE REVIEW: Giorgio Moroder



WHEN: 6/11

SETLIST: Love To Love You Baby; From Here To Eternity; Take My Breath Away; Hot Stuff; Deja Vu; What A Feeling; Chase; On The Radio; Never Ending Story; She’s On Fire; Better Off Alone; I Love It; Bad Girls; 74 Is The New 24; I Feel Love; Un’estate italiana; Giorgio by Moroder; Wildstar; Last Dance; Call Me; Hot Stuff; Tom’s Diner

How to review a 75-year-old who appears to be doing little other than fiddling with a laptop, occasionally singing and punching the air as remixed songs and visuals he has had a hand in delights this intimate venue?

It, of course, would quite probably work just as well if Moroder wasn’t there. Such is the nature of such DJ sets. The fact that he is here and having as much, if not more, fun than the assembled devotees at KOKO certainly makes for a curious spectacle.

One certainly can’t argue with the choice of crowdpleasing songs. Moroder’s had an amazing career spanning so many decades featuring so many iconic artists including Donna Summer, who features lovingly in video on the giant screen behind our 75-year-old superstar DJ throughout the evening, Blondie, Irene Cara and even Limahl.

monstagigz would’ve liked to have heard a little more from Moroder’s excellent recent LP Deja Vu but really that’s a minor quibble when there is so much that is entertaining here. We’d everything crossed for a cameo appearance from one of the stars of that album and sure enough Foxes pops up to strut through Wildstar. A few more of such appearances and we would undoubtedly have been much more generous with our rating.

Towards the end of the set Moroder appears to have been beaten by the technology and struggles to summon up the final songs. Is he just proving that there is at least some element of this show that hasn’t just been pre-recorded?

Glastonbury’s seen the likes of this set before – I’m thinking specifically of Burt Bacharach appearing onstage throughout while most of the heavy lifting of performing his amazing songbook was done by others around him this year. We would imagine Moroder’s nailed on to appear on that stage next summer.

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  • Picture via Facebook courtesy Giorgio Moroder

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