PREVIEW: 5 reasons why we’re backing Seann Miley Moore to win X Factor

  1. The Show Must Go On

Working the whole heels, hoop earrings, lipstick, leather skirt and reverse baseball cap look while carrying a ball and chain is hard enough. But to do it while singing Queen’s best song at Wembley Arena is our perfect introduction to Ms Miley Moore. He’s being himself – and he’s the male Lady Gaga.

2. Cockney adlibs

Kimono: tick. Major interaction with Pet Shop Boys’ backing dancers’ Polly and Sophie Duniam incorporating what sounds to monstagigz like a cheeky Cockney ad-lib: ‘Courtyard!’: double tick. We’re guessing Hotel California wasn’t Seann’s choosing.

3. A song for us

Despite hearing Donny Hathaway’s A Song For You more times than we’d care to remember at Boot Camp, it was Ms Miley Moore’s rendition which lasts longest in the memory.

4. He (Who Has Everything)

Apparently this was a Shirley Bassey song. We love the Bassey but had no idea. Seann ramps up the vocals, the stage presence, incorporates his competition into the act, blows them away – and there’s no doubt a chair’s his until Wembley Arena’s lights go out.

5. The competition

The boys is actually a really strong category this year but we’d put Seann (the only one who really looks and acts like a pop star) through along with Che Chesterman’s strong soul voice and either Josh Daniel or Simon Lynch. Controversial Mason Noise could squeeze out the last two if he’s very contrite at Judge’s Houses (24 and 25/10) but must be an extreme long shot after his antics on Saturday’s show. Elsewhere, we love the girl group from the Philippines – but it’s Ms Miley Moore for the win for us.

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