THEATRE REVIEW: Rocky Horror Show

WORTH A LOOK?: *****

WHERE: Playhouse Theatre

WHEN: 16/9, runs to 26/9 before nationwide tour

monstagigz hadn’t seen a theatre production of the Rocky Horror Show for about 20 years but decided to go to this one because author Richard O’Brien was appearing for the first time as The Narrator.

We also decided to bring someone who’d never seen the Rocky Horror Show (RHS) at the theatre because it’s an experience which can perhaps only be rivalled by Eurovision in teasing out the devotion of its most committed fans.

O’Brien has recently described the attraction of the show as essentially being the story of Adam and Eve (Brad and Janet played here by Ben Forster and Haley Flaherty) and the temptation they face in the form of David Bedella’s Frank n Furter. The 17/9 show is being screened at cinemas nationwide in aid of Amnesty International and will feature guest appearances by Stephen Fry, Mel Giedroyc and Emma Bunton.

What did our RHS virgin think? Amazing. The willingness of the audience to dress up, shout their own interruptions and be a part of the show just enhanced the entire proposition tenfold.

Bedella is by far the best thing here and while there are no clues about what 17/9 will hold the presence of O’Brien ensures the audience has, dammit Janet, rapturous applause for this absolute powerhouse of a participative show.

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