TICKET RUSH: 7 greatest Suede pop moments

7. My Insatiable One

We’re so excited about Suede’s 7th album, film and launch show plans that we’ve compiled our top 7 of their greatest pop moments. They’ve always been a band whose B sides and extra tracks are worth seeking out and, arguably, our favourite of them is My Insatiable One (YouTube clip above) which appeared on the 12″ of 1st single The Drowners with the almost as fantastic To The Birds.

6. It Starts and Ends With You

Perhaps It Re-Starts and Ends With You would’ve been a more appropriate title for this, Suede’s 1st single in a decade. 2013 album Bloodsports wasn’t far away and we managed to see them in venues as far apart as Alexandra Palace, Barcelona and Glastonbury on this tour.

5. Stay Together

This is probably as Bernard Butler as our selection gets. Not a band to ever take their own advice, this was very much Butler’s swansong before his departure threw Suede’s future into doubt. A number 3 hit (a trick Trash would repeat a tough two-and-a-half years later), it was their biggest at this point into their careers and certainly from a fan’s point of view, they seemed unstoppable.

4. Animal Nitrate at The Brits

Has there been a Brit Awards performance before or since that has quite captured the public’s imagination? We’re certainly feeling for Brett’s microphone. The reference to ’21’ in the lyrics shows, also, how far society’s come in the intervening 22 years.

3. Beautiful Ones

Few bands understand their fans quite so well as Suede. Seeing them live (and by this point we had done so at Portsmouth Pyramids, Southampton Guildhall and Exeter’s Great Hall) always felt like being part of their gang.

2. The Drowners

The song that kickstarted it all. Crunchy Bowie-esque guitars coupled with a mischievous: ‘We kiss in his room to a popular tune’ lyric. ‘Stop taking me o-vah!’

  1. Trash

Amazing to think that Butler’s departure could’ve scuppered everything but that third album Coming Up would be quite so thrilling. Trash seemed to perfectly sum up the band, their relationship with their fans and the joy such an understanding evoked: ‘We’re Trash, you and me, We’re the litter on the breeze, we’re the lovers on the streets.’

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