WHERE: Wonderground

WHEN: 22/7/15

monstagigz loves nothing like a good drag act. And Tina C is nothing like a good drag act. In fact she’s far more musically accomplished and, erm, classy than that.

We think she’d like the adjective ‘classy’. It’s one she uses a lot. Tina C is a right wing American country and western music singer and comic creation of Derbyshire-born Christopher Green. Given the current popularity of both Taylor Swift and Dolly Parton (and we don’t know the politics of either) it’s a hilarious time to be adopting such a persona.

We think your reaction to Tina C would depend on whether you like Stephen Colbert’s right wing pundit on The Colbert Report. Tina C is singing songs we would imagine she wrote herself, playing guitar and keyboards at London’s Wonderground on the South Bank. The cabaret and circus season there runs until 27/9.

This 70-minute show revolves around readings from her new book Complete and Utter Country: Herstory with songs from albums No Dick’s As Hard As My Life and If You Can’t Live Without Me, Why Weren’t You Dead When I Met You?. If those titles didn’t raise a smile, Tina C probably isn’t for you.

Her funniest material perhaps inevitably revolves around the US elections and we’d certainly hope to see more of Tina C in the run-up to 8 November 2016. ‘Hell yeah’, as Tina C would undoubtedly respond.

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