PREVIEW: 8 reasons why we can’t wait for May

  1. UK has a shot at Eurovision 

43 countries, two semis and a final: 14/5. The bookies have the UK’s Joe and Jake 27th as we write this but we’ve heard all the entries and think You’re Not Alone has a shot at winning particularly with an EU referendum 23/6. Our dark horse is Croatia’s Nina Kraljić (main picture and below) who’s channelling Hounds Of Love-era Kate Bush:

  • Read on for reasons including Cyndi Lauper, Aladdin and The Threepenny Opera

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WORTH A LOOK?: **1/2

WHERE: Young Vic (The Maria)

WHEN: runs to 17/10

The most remarkable thing about this revival is the involving way it is staged. At first we see the two former lovers’ faces on screens before us as they sit on a platform above us with their backs to the audience, acting out what we see on screen.

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