My music best of 2021 and tip for 2022

By Andrew Mosley

It’s easy to become despondent at the state of music, what with fame-hungry talent show contestants a safer bet for any record company than some raucous indie rocker and cliched lyrics about believing in yourself, flying high and touching the sky as abundant as fruit flies in July.

  • Read on for reasons including The Coral, Sleaford Mods, Redskins and Yard Act
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GIG REVIEW: Victorious Festival: Sunday starring Prodigy, Friendly Fires, Sleaford Mods & Bluetones

By Carron Stacey

WHERE?: Southsea Common

WHEN?: 26/8/18

I have just got in from the after party. Well, the ITunes disco I curated for my friends at my house downstairs. We are all still buzzing about the main event, but I will review the beginning of the day.

  • Read on for reasons including A Humdrum Mum’s view from the front row

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