It’s been quite the year, it’s almost Christmas and what would the festive season be without some recognition of the best of 2020? Over the next month we’ll shortlist five nominees in each of 14 categories for our Oscars, or monstas if you will, of 2020.

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AWARDS: MONSTAS: Our Best Album of 2020 so far

We awarded 14 monstas for the best pop, theatre, TV and film of 2019 in December – and here we look at the cream of 2020 so far and what’s to come. Florence and The Machine’s How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful, Lady Gaga’s Joanne, Lorde’s Melodrama, Saara Aalto’s Wild, Wild Wonderland and Sigrid’s Sucker Punch are previous winners in this category.

  • Read on for our top 5 best albums of 2020 so far and our hopes for the next three months

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ALBUM OF THE MONTH: Chromatica by Lady Gaga (June 2020)

WORTH A LOOK?: ****1/2

OUT: 29/5/20

TRACKLIST: Chromatica I; Alice; Stupid Love; Rain On Me; Free Woman; Fun Tonight; Chromatica II; 911; Plastic Doll; Sour Candy; Enigma; Replay; Chromatica III; Sine From Above; 1000 Doves; Babylon

Madonna will be fuming at our Mother Monster (or the ‘monsta’ from ‘monstagigz’) as final track Babylon draws on Madge’s hit Vogue and with it Gaga crowns a triumphant and euphoric return to pop’s dancefloor.

  • Read on for reasons including where Gaga is due to play in London next

PREVIEW: 9 reasons why we can’t/couldn’t wait for June (2020) starring Lady Gaga

  1. Lady Gaga’s Chromatica album

This blog was named in part after ‘Mother monster’ and album number six features single Stupid Love and Ariana Grande duet Rain On Me. Chromatica‘s release was postponed from April and is now due to be unleashed 29/5. Tickets for her Chromatica Ball at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in north London are still onsale for July although it looks likely to be postponed.

  • Read on for reasons including Will Ferrell Eurovision film, Bertie Carvel festival, Old Vic podcast and Lena Philipsson album

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SONG OF THE WEEK: Rain On Me by Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande (week beginning 22/5/20)


OUT: now

Lockdown might mean there’s a great deal of life people are missing out on but dealing with it by declaring ‘bring it on’ through gritted teeth might be the best way to sum up the sentiment here.

  • Read on for reasons including everything we know about Gaga’s Chromatica LP out soon

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PREVIEW: 9 reasons why we can’t/couldn’t wait for April 2020 starring Dua Lipa

  1. Dua Lipa releases Future Nostalgia LP

Lipa makes the leap from theatres to arenas with the release of this second LP out 3/4/20 although it was actually brought forward a week after it leaked. Her May gigs at London’s O2 have been rescheduled. Tickets The album is very well named as the 11-song collection weaves 80s hooks into radio-friendly dance floor classics. The sound of a coronavirus-beating summer perhaps? Current single Physical is available to watch below.

  • Read on for reasons including Lady Gaga, Rumer, Jennifer Saunders, Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Alphabeat

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