THEATRE REVIEW: The Libertine starring Dominic Cooper


WHERE: Theatre Royal Haymarket

WHEN: 24/9, runs to 3/12

Those arriving into the auditorium early would do well to be advised that the cast is let loose on the audience about 10 minutes before curtain up.

  • Read on to find out which cast member monstagigz had a chat with before the show began

Will Barton (who plays The Libertine‘s manservant Tom Alcock) stopped by to have a chat with us before the show proper began while others were entertained by the cast’s whores selling oranges.

The Libertine is the story of John Wilmot, the Second Earl of Rochester, who was the ringleader of a reprobate set of young men known as the ‘merry gang’. He had a close relationship with King Charles II and pursued a hard-drinking and debauched lifestyle in London that was to prove his downfall.

The Libertine has been played on screen by Johnny Depp and stage by John Malkovich and Mamma Mia and The History Boys star Dominic Cooper is as seductive and charismatic to be included in such company.

The production is as low brow as one might expect and will tickle those pleased easily when the female members of the cast whip out a dildo each for a comedy number Señor Dildo at the opening of the second act.

The supporting cast is as strong as Cooper with special nods to Jasper Britton as an impressive king, Ophelia Lovibond as the headstrong actress who makes The Libertine realise he has a heart and Boy Meets Girl‘s Lizzie Roper who is always funny in a range of roles including prostitute Big Dolly.

The empty seats at this preview might concern producers but visitors to The Libertine are assured of a bawdy and cheeky treat.

  • Picture via Facebook courtesy The Libertine. Tickets.
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