SONG OF THE MONTH: Dance Music by Bananarama (February 2019)


OUT: now

The true test of a pop act with heritage is whether they can release new material which sits comfortably within the greatest hits set of its past.

In 2017 Bananarama’s Original Line Up tour won our Best Gig monsta and we’ve been baying for new material ever since.

The disappointing news is that original member and Shakespeare’s Sister Siobhan Fahey has left the group once more but the joyous is that Bananarama’s 1st album in a decade, In Stereo, is released in April and Dance Music (see below) is the 1st single.

8 of its 10 tracks were co-written with Ian Masterson, who was the main collaborator for 2009’s last album as a duo Viva, and stylistically there’s not a great deal of difference with Dance Music unsurprisingly focused on the dancefloor.

In fact the song this new single most reminds us of is Madonna return-to-form from the 2000s Music.

The ‘nanas are re-connecting with their audience with a series of Q&As/gigs in intimate venues in April and tickets for those are available here.

The thing to remember about Bananarama is that they continued to tour after Siobhan (1988) and replacement Jacquie O’Sullivan left (1991) and this will be their 5th album (of 11) as a duo.

We can’t wait for the Q&As/intimate gigs as 1 of Keren and Sara’s many strengths is their sense of humour which inspired Jennifer Saunders for elements of Absolutely Fabulous.

Dance Music is the 1st indicator that In Stereo, apt title, will be an album worth hearing – and often.