PREVIEW: Melodifestivalen 2017: Heat 4

WHEN?: 7pm (UK time) 25/2 on SVT (link at the bottom of the page below)

WHERE: Skellefteå Kraft Arena, Skellefteå

This heat is all about the return of 2012 Eurovision winner Loreen and we love how original and challenging  Statements is but fear it might struggle to get out of this heat which boasts at least one other nailed-on, monster pop hit already.

  • Read on for reasons including our Saturday night predictions for each of the songs

We’ll be updating our predictions after the 2m 30s clips of each entry are released at 1pm UK time Saturday. Join us here to see how they’ll change.

  1. Jon Henrik Fjällgren feat Aninia En Värld Full Av Strider PREDICTION: andra chansen (up from 5th)

Jon was a runner-up in 2015 and is a Columbian-Swedish-Sami singer of Sámi Joik. The song title means A World Full Of Battles and is sounding very old school from the clip although the vocal soars towards what we’re guessing is the song’s end. Anna’s more conventional vocals certainly balancing Jon’s input in the fuller clip. Great key change at just ahead of 2m 30s.

2. Alice Running With Lions PREDICTION: 5th (down from andra chansen)

To be allocated 2nd is Melodifestivalen’s curse but this is good enough to surprise everyone, even with that position. The lyric’s a bit bonkers/West End mind. A touch of David Guetta/Sia’s Titanium about the chorus on fuller listen.

3. Les Gordons Bound To Fall PREDICTION: 6th

Sounding more indie than the rock we were expecting and you can really hear co-writer Jimmy Jansson’s influence. From the 2m 30s clip we’re liking it even more but that’s maybe because it’s a genre we’re especially fond of. Nice handclap build into the chorus.

4. Wiktoria As I Lay Me Down PREDICTION: final

Clip sounds really strong. Ploughing a similar sonic furrow to 2016’s Save Me which finished 4th. V Avicii as Save Me was and doing everything in this short clip that we wish Loreen’s Statements was. MASSIVE potential. An absolute monster hit from the fuller clip. It’s Dolly Parton meets Avicii. Great rousing gospel lyrics with a gorgeous instrumental strum that sounds like vintage Lightning Seeds.

5. Axel Schylström När Ingen Ser PREDICTION: andra chansen

Means When No-One Is Looking, perky and modern-sounding (but also a bit retro 80s) from the clip. This is going to do well. In its fuller version it’s very pop which works well in this heat. Great use of handclaps again going into the final rousing chorus.

6. Sara Varga and Juha Mulari Du får Inte Andra På Mig PREDICTION: 7th

Sara beat Loreen in 2011’s Andra Chansen and finished 9th. Means You Cannot Change Me, and, in a word, is polite. We had Owe Törnqvist pegged as our loo break last week and look what happened. Bit more certain that this is this week’s opportunity to go to the bathroom.

7. Loreen Statements PREDICTION: final

We’re guessing this is the 1st minute because it’s a slurry vocal with no discernible tune. This Eurovision winner in 2012 made Andra Chansen in 2011. Co-written by the team behind 2015 Eurovision winner Heroes. The big favourite to win the whole thing: could she darken AC’s doors once more? Pulling out all the visual stops with the flag waving clip we’ve seen. In its longer version this perks up immediately after 1m and is interesting stuff. Quite punk. 3rd in Friday night’s audience vote which might mean it’ll be a challenge for viewers.

  • Pictures via Facebook courtesy SVT Melodifestivalen and Loreen. Clips via YouTube courtesy SVT. Melodifestivalen tickets We’re having problems pulling all the clips in a suitable form from YT. Hear all of them here.
  • The 2m 30s clips of these songs are available here from 1pm UK time Saturday. We’ll be refreshing our predictions ahead of the 7pm heat on and join us here for our 8.30pm (UK time) afterparty when we reveal our 5 greatest Andra Chansen songs of all time in Melodifestivalen.
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