FILM REVIEW: Bridget Jones’s Baby starring Renee Zellweger


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Given that 2001’s Bridget Jones’s Diary earned its star one of her three Oscar nominations and both it and its sequel made over $250 million each, it seems odd that we’ve had to wait quite so long for this, the third film.

  • Read on for why Bridget Jones’s Baby is very much a case of who’s-the-father?

Had Bridget aged at the same rate as the films were released she would have been 47 years old by 2016 however Bridget Jones’s Baby opens with our titular heroine celebrating her 43rd birthday.

She works as a producer in TV news with some fine British comedy acting talent at her workplace including Sarah Solemani, Joanna Scanlan and Laura Checkley. It is while on a music festival break that looks much like Glastonbury with Solemani that she meets Patrick Dempsey.

Days later she’s back briefly with old flame Mark Darcy (played by Colin Firth) before discovering she is pregnant and the film becomes very much a case of who’s-the-father?

We absolutely loved the first two films and this third episode is no letdown. We’d forgotten how much we treasure a character whose clumsiness is matched only by her inability to say the right thing. The inanity of TV news is skewered with the same relish as W1A and fans of Anchorman and, indeed, the BBC News Channel will find much to enjoy here.

Much of the film’s ensemble cast returns and it’s a joy to see monstagigz favourites Jessica Hynes, Emma Thompson, Jim Broadbent and Celia Imrie particularly, however briefly.

The film even leaves us with an Easter egg hint that there could be another episode in the offing. We’d settle for that as well as the much anticipated Bridget Jones – The Musical which has yet to see the light of day.

  • Picture via Facebook courtesy Bridget Jones’ Baby.
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