WHERE: New London Theatre

WHEN: 14/1, runs to 12/3

This production is certainly an old campaigner of the West End and closes in five weeks after almost seven years at its current home.

The award-winning life-size horse puppets designed by the Handspring Puppet Company of South Africa are definitely the best reason to see this play. The production takes a well-deserved 18-month break before returning for an extensive UK tour in September 2017.

This is the story of a young man called Albert who trains his horse Joey who is then sent to fight in World War 1. No-one’s arguing about the futility of war and the tight unspoken bonds between animal and man is not necessarily a theme which we need reminding of relentlessly.

This was our first visit to War Horse and although we’ll admit to shedding a tear at the end we found the script a little confused as well as overly emotionally manipulative. Worth mentioning perhaps that it was a children’s book in its original form written by Michael Morpurgo.

Far better is the staging, the National Theatre production won five Tonys, two Oliviers and an Evening Standard award.

Rush to see it before it closes or wait a while for the UK tour.

  • Picture via Facebook courtesy War Horse. Tickets here. We used the Society of London Theatre Get Into London Theatre promotion to get a third off the price of our tickets in January.
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