By Carron Stacey


WHERE: The Pyramids, Southsea

WHEN: 7/12

Where have I been tonight?

Wow. Just wow, that’s how we felt after their performance at Victorious Festival in Southsea last year. They made us a promise that ‘next year, we’ll be over there’ pointing at the Pyramids. ‘Well here we are,’ chirps Rick Witter.

Some lead singers do have a presence on stage, yes, think Jim Morrison (who I’ve never seen live), Adam Ant (three times), Simon Le Bon (also three times, did I just admit that?).

Well, only one other lead singer throws himself around as much as The Witter does, and does that thing with the microphone lead – Brett Anderson. Both have such charisma and sex appeal on stage.

The Witter knows how to interact with a crowd, from taking the mick out of a man holding a soft toy, to welcoming ‘young pups’ as he calls them, two younger teenagers with their parents. ‘The next generation!’ he cries. He has us all in the palm of his hands.

The Sheds race through their set, I’m trying not to look at the set list which is just in front of me, as I’m in the front. I can’t say enough times how great they are live. The Witter’s voice just hasn’t changed over the years, like most performers’ have. It is strong and true and just bloody brilliant.

Dolphin is one of my other favourite songs from the 90s, Speakeasy (though I do want to sing The Link ad), Friday, On Standby, Getting Better, Ocean Pie, Disco Down raises the roof and leaves us begging for Going For Gold.

They encore with Chasing Rainbows, yes obviously, but we all have ‘a moment’ in the audience, I can still hear it as my earworm now, I won’t deny. I’ll be back next time, lads, you’re getting better all the time.

  • Shed Seven tour the UK with Inspiral Carpets until 22/12, tickets here. Picture via Facebook courtesy Ian Rook @ianphotoboy.

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