HOW TO SEE Nicole Kidman in Photograph 51 for £10

WHERE: Noel Coward Theatre

WHEN: 9/9, previews to 14/9, runs until 21/11

‘Over 20,000 tickets at £10’ reads the poster above. monstagigz couldn’t get a same-day matinee seat online and so, in keeping with the theme of Photograph 51, decided to conduct an experiment of our own. What would happen if we pitched up two hours and 20 minutes before the play began?

We were greeted with the encouraging (or dispiriting, depending on your view on queues) sight of a dozen or so theatregoers lined up at the ticket office.

Word spread that people have been queuing outside the theatre from 7am and that, lo, there were tickets available for today’s matinee.

They were £10 standing tickets. Not unbearable for a play lasting 100 minutes without interval. My last visit to the Noel Coward was in June for Death Of A Salesman (starring the equally brilliant Antony Sher and Alex Hassell) and it was one of the best things I’ve seen all year. Lots of sobbing at the end. And not just us. We had premium seats then and were literally within spitting distance of the cast. One of the things we’ve noticed recently is how much many actors (mostly the men) spit when they are in full flow.

This wasn’t an observation we were likely to make at the back of the 872-seat auditorium. However, as an exercise in seeing one of Hollywood’s biggest stars at the drop of a hat, it worked wonderfully. And at £10 was quite the bargain.

  • Ticketing details and show trailer here.
  • Our favourite Kidman moment here.

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